ISWS ch UKC ch Talisman Renaissance Osmium "Oz"

Oz showing his sense of humor in the show ring with Joyce Chin of Talisman Hounds

Oz is the resident "trickster" at Ardent Hounds. The most devestating arrow in his quiver is his undying enthusiasm and affection to almost everyone he meets. He is known to completely drape himself on the laps of any and all who he come into contact with. Oz also has imense "dog intelligence" in that he is able to interact with dogs of many shapes and sizes with great aplomb though he does seem to take a great liking to smaller-sized dogs.

Oz comes by his reputation as a trickster for his ability to inject joy and humor into all situations, whether appreciated by humans or not. These tricks can include geting dogs(and people) to move from his favoured spot on the couch, to the great hilarity of lying down in the show ring. He can charm the most indifferent dog into doing his bidding and the most suspicious with great stealth and ease. His one weakness is his aptitude for expensive electronics such as phones and iPods. Sadly he is not endowed with the proper limbs to operate these items as designed. 

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