About Us

Ardert Hounds makes its home in the beautiful Napa Valley of Northern California. Our family has been smitten with sight hounds of all varieties for many years and have been most pleased to have Silken Windhounds in our home.


Oz on a walk in the Vineyard near my office

Silken Windhounds are a small to mid-sized sight hound that are comfortable in many settings. It is common to find silkens serving as devoted, affectionate pets one minute, taking walks in the vineyard, or chasing prey (real and imagined) in the field the next. Like many sight-hounds, silkens take extra joy in sleeping somewhere soft, and near (or on) the laps of their owners.


Surfer and some of his pals running on the beach

Our favorite activity is getting a large group of Silkens together and take them running on the beach. We are fortunate to have a wonderful dog beach nearby and our hounds love to get together with all of their friends on the beach and run to the point of exhaustion.

At our Ardent Hounds, our philospohy is that Silkens should embody all of the qualities of the breed standard, and excel in a wide range of activities while possessing only the best of temperaments. 

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