Allagante Ka-Nee-Ta "Keno"

Photo by Dave Mills

Keno was our introduction to the Silken Windhound breed. As our first Silken, Keno has been reponsible for many of our firsts. First dog to show, first dog to race, first dog to lure course, and first dog to open field course. While on the smaller side for a male of the breed, Keno easily has one of the biggest hearts. He often runs with the big boys and has held is own enough to earn national points straight racing as well as top placements in other performance events. As you can tell, we are very proud of Keno.

Within our pack, Keno is easily the most opinionated. He is keen to express how he feels at all times and there is never any doubt about how he is feeling or what he is feeling. He is also the only one of our dogs to speak in complete sentences. In some ways, this makes Keno the easiest dog of the bunch. 

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