In Memorium: Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert "Cilla"

Cilla was the lone whippet and Grand Dame of Ardent Hounds. We first learned of Cilla from the folks at the Whippet Rescue of NCWFA. Cilla was found abandoned in the harsh Nevada dessert and were honored to have fostered her back to health. Due to her advanced age and many ailments, our fostering had been of the longer-term variety. Cilla proved to be made of some pretty tough stuff and fit right in as the elder statesperson of Ardent Hounds. The other dogs respected her imensely and pretty much did as they were told. All she needed to do was give the occaisional look or nod and other hounds knew she meant business. As a companion her rough exterior was belyed by her soft and gentle nature. 

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